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O.C. Lines Ltd has been active in international freight forwarding since 2009. By providing products of ocean freight, air freight and logistics, our clients get comprehensive custom-made supply chain solutions that make a difference for their business.

Our wide spread of offices enables us to provide our customers with low cost, short reaction time and personal service.We assign every customer his own personal experts to ensure availability, efficiency and close relationship, while our contacts in both central and distant ports enhance flexibility and compatibility. O.C Lines team uses advanced and reliable information systems that can track any shipment and provide the clients with accurate data.

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OC Lines Is committed to business integrity, loyalty to our customers and cultivation of human capital. We pursue to maintain our continuous growth while implementing this values at each one of our worldwide branches.

Uncompromising business integrity

OC Lines maintains the highest standards of integrity, responsibility and customer loyalty. We adhere to this values to guide our daily operations and believe they are inseparable part our success.

We do more for your business

At OC lines we see ourselves as partners of our clients. We see our mission to add value to the customers' business and strengthen their competitive advantage by supply chain optimization. For us, our best investment is the long term relationship we uphold with our customers to ensure their needs.

Close relationship inside out

OC Lines views its employees as her most valuable assets, and committed to provide them an inspiring work environment. We invest many resources towards professional enriching and supporting each worker individual course of development. We believe that this creates mutual commitment that then passed on to our customers in the form of quality service.


Provide our customers with the ability to compete in today’s challenging economy by delivering competitive edge pricing and service excellence.